Art Nouveau in Hungarian Architecture for Connoisseurs

If the period from the turn of the 19th century till World War I is often called ‘Belle Époque’ all over Europe, it much more deserves this name in Hungary. This was indeed a beautiful era when Hungarian culture including literature, music, fine and applied arts, as well as architecture flourished until the Great War and the succeeding historic events would break this supreme surge of creativity. The generosity and richness of this period and the lavish details of high-quality buildings are well documented in this colorful volume.

Editor Zsuzsa Lőrinczi
Written by János Gerle
Photographers József Hajdú, Sára Zagyvai and others
Design Szafner Beáta
Pages 108
Size 200 x 230 mm
Language English
ISBN 978-963-87089-6-0
Date of issue 2013
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